Manage All Your Joomla And WordPress Client Sites, With your team, in One Central, Secure Dashboard.

Whitelabeled Client Activity Reports for Joomla and WordPress Sites

Introducing Sites Activity Reports! Those that follow our journey know that we deploy new features almost daily. Some features are small, some are bigger, but some have been repeatedly requested and are much much larger to develop. Reports is one of those.

Keep an eye on your Joomla and WordPress SSL Certificate Expirations with

You already know that is an amazing unique dashboard, bringing together information from all your Joomla and WordPress sites in one place, but there are some smaller features that we, and our customers just take for granted, as they only activate when something goes wrong. SSL Certificate checks are one such feature that gets […]

UptimeRobot Public Status Pages Free for all subscribers

Many people have requested that we provide a “Status page” of all the uptime (and downtime!) monitors that we provide, thanks to our relationship with – we are one of their biggest customers! All subscribers can now add these UptimeRobot status pages – no additional cost and no UptimeRobot account needed! All […]

End Of Life Supported Versions

Here at we know that in a perfect world we would all be running the very latest version of Joomla/WordPress, but its an imperfect world, and so we have to cater for old versions too. Very. Old. Versions. So, unlike other services that only support Joomla 3 and above, the service supports as […]