Manage All Your Joomla And WordPress Client Sites, With your team, in One Central, Secure Dashboard.

Add unlimited Joomla and WordPress sites to

One of the founding principles of is that we offer an unlimited service for unlimited sites in your account at one set price per month (or year) Once you have created your account at, you can then add your first site!

Generate site homepage screenshots with

As a subscriber you can generate unlimited high quality screenshots of all your connected websites – Joomla or WordPress! For every site you connect to service, we will generate a homepage screenshot of the website in a PNG format at 1024px x 768px and host that image on the highly available Amazon S3 […]

One Click login to any Joomla or WordPress admin console with

Even if you have forgotten your Joomla/WordPress username and password! Along with all the amazing features of such as the snapshot, the white label reporting, the audit and backup features – there are a lot of little feature that I use every day that is so easily overlooked. This is one of those: One […]

Create Custom Client White Label Reports for your Joomla and WordPress sites

Following on from our release of the Whitelabeled reporting tool for Joomla and WordPress sites in, we are pleased to announce that we have just launched the Custom Report Designer for the Whitelabeled report tool. This feature allows you to create UNLIMITED (unlimited, as is everything in custom templates for your reports, which […]

Whitelabeled Client Activity Reports for Joomla and WordPress Sites

Introducing Sites Activity Reports! Those that follow our journey know that we deploy new features almost daily. Some features are small, some are bigger, but some have been repeatedly requested and are much much larger to develop. Reports is one of those.