Generate site homepage screenshots

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As a subscriber you can generate unlimited high quality screenshots of all your connected websites – Joomla or WordPress!

For every site you connect to service, we will generate a homepage screenshot of the website in a PNG format at 1024px x 768px and host that image on the highly available Amazon S3 bucket service for your use.

Example Image

You can also freely download this image and use it however you would like, after all its an image of your site.

You can refresh the cached image in our service at any time by pressing the refresh button

Where do I find this feature?

You can find the screenshots page in the left menu under “Other Site Information

Bonus: A hosted, public webpage full of your beautiful screenshots!

As an opt in feature you can also enable the Public Page, where you will be given a unique url to showcase your websites.

You can use this internally in your business as a bookmark page, or for any other purpose.

Although we try hard not to have these pages indexed in Google, they are public pages and so this is an opt in feature.

Bonus 2: If you enable the public page you can get a public JSON list of all your sites!

Just enable the public links page, and a new button appears to allow you to view a JSON page of your sites, their urls and versions – again you are free to consume this as you wish.

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