Feature Highlights

Reasons why Digital Agencies ❤️ our service!

71,000 WordPress Sites, Joomla Sites, PHP Sites – All in one single dashboard – Secure!

Another milestone, 3 months after 70,000 we have now peaked over 71,000 connected sites. A period of great growth in our service!

There are #NoChickens #NoMonkeys and #NoHotAir running our service. Promise! has been going for over a decade, but the increase in sites being added has started to increase recently – as we add more and more features, and yet have kept the same low subscription prices since 2012 ! For as little as GBP 19.99 per month you can add UNLIMITED SITES to your account!

Don’t take our word for it – we know we are great!

Please, don’t take our word for how great our service is, ask any of our subscribers – many of which are on twitter and have given us praise from their own accounts, so you can verify their authenticity – we dont have old, fake review statements on our site – no hot air here, just loyal customers, in public, telling it how it is on their own tweet timelines. We collate those on the page but you can click each to authenticate their authenticity.

Why use other “WordPress Only” services?

We know there are LOTS of “Manage Multiple Sites” services – we are not alone, but there are very few where you can manage Joomla, WordPress and literally any PHP based webspace all in the same control panel, with the same full features including best practice recommendations, security reviews, hacked files checkerperformance metrics, uptime monitoringAuditing of the complete webspace, file by file, line by line, and much more… like complete integration with the multi-award winning Akeeba Backup, All-In-One-Backup, Blue Flame Backup… along with a powerful backup scheduler allowing you complete control over the schedule of your backups, unlimited times! We don’t need to feed our monkeys or waffle about with Hot Air, we simply provide award winning solutions to manage your sites.

Want to know what’s going on under the hood of your sites in REALTIME – we have that too!

And what about REALLY old versions? Got a Joomla 1.5.26 site? NO PROBLEM for – we are compatible all the way to Joomla 1.5.0!

Moving from Joomla to WordPress?

That’s cool – we provide services for BOTH CMS’s – just remove your Joomla Site, and add your WordPress site – NO EXTRA CHARGE with our fully inclusive service, we don’t charge per site, your subscription is for UNLIMITED sites. There has been no price increases since we launched in 2012!

Our simple pricing is:

GBP 19.99 Per month

Unlimited sites

Not convinced? Use our service for FREE for a whole MONTH!

That’s right – we are so convinced that you cannot live without our service that we will give you a whole first month for free!

Just sign up for a subscription and cancel before the end of your month and you will be charged absolutely nothing!

Find out how to get for free at

Need Extra Help? Or support for your sites connected to ? Sort use a ticket system or first line support!

Here at, you get direct line of contact to Phil Taylor – even use his personal email if you like at – Phil is one of the longest running contributors to Joomla, since the mambo core development team days, and in 2020 in the top two code contributors to Joomla 4.

When you have a problem with your site, or need support for features there are no queues, no ticket systems – you get full and direct access to the developer who wrote the service, who knows each line of code of the service intimately. You get fixes fast.

Is your site hacked? No problem – I can fix that too for a SET fee! – no per hour quotes and estimates needed!

See the full details at

Automatic Updates for ANY Joomla Extension or Plugin

That’s right. Joomla Auto Updates is a thing. Any Joomla Extension that has an update site, thus implements the Joomla API for Updates, can now be set to automatically update when there is an update available.

Joomla Automatic updates for extensions and plugins

Building on the foundation that has been running in for years, that has automatically upgraded over 3 million JCE Editor, Akeeba, AdminTools and RegularLabs extensions, you can now select ANY update site stream and mark it for auto updates.

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Unlimited Backup Schedules – powered by cron syntax

Using you can backup your site unlimited times, based on unlimited schedules, configured with powerful cron syntax

Before today we only accepted a single schedule. Either Daily, Weekly or Monthly – at a time of our liking, or at a near-custom-time you specified.

Starting today, you can now use Akeeba Backup to backup your Joomla and WordPress sites with complete granular control, unlimited times!

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Introducing Universal User Management for Joomla and WordPress Sites

That’s right, you can now manage all your users, in all your sites, from a single page – You can change their email address, change their password, assign different roles/permissions and much more! is an award winning service that lets you manage UNLIMITED Joomla, WordPress and other PHP based websites for a single set fee of just GBP19.99 per month – we are often adding new features, some small, some larger.

The idea behind Universal User Management

Scenario One:

We get it. You are busy running your digital agency, and the customer phones you, disturbing your day, and says they cannot login, they have forgotten their password.

Before using you would have to go to their website, remember your own credentials, login, find their user account and reset their password, and then tell them what you changed it to.

Now with Universal User Management you can

  • Go to (Of course you are already logged into and you can find this link in the left menu (or just hit shift twice on the keyboard!)
  • search for their name, or email address
  • Click edit next to their user account
  • change their password
  • click save – DONE

STEP ONE – Search

STEP TWO – Select one or more user objects found from your 1000s of sites OR click the edit button to edit one user specifically


Scenario Two:

You have a member of your digital agency staff leave – maybe on bad terms – and you want to search all your customers sites to see which sites they have access to – now you can do that, you can search for their name or email address – and get back a list of sites that they have user accounts on.

You can then block that user, or for now just set a new password for them – that works too.

Scenario Three:

You want to change the name of a user who has recently got married, they want their new surname on all their accounts – yup that’s possible across 100s of sites in one go!

Scenario Four:

You want to change the permissions/role of a user – across all sites

Scenario Five:

You just want the ability to search all users on all sites for a specific hackers account, or a specific name or email domain name? – yup you can do that too!

Another Scenario?

I can’t list them all – but our beta users have found this feature to be rock solid and they love it – but this is only the start, we wanted to release this early so that you could use it, while we invest more time in the upcoming enhancements

What’s coming soon?

  • The ability to block a user (WordPress has no concept of blocking a user, so we need to roll our own!)
  • The ability to remove Two Factor Authentication/Multi-Factor Authentication from a Joomla User
  • Retrieval of Two Factor Authentication/Multi-Factor Authentication backup codes from a Joomla User so that you can provide your customer with a one-time-only login so they can reenable 2fa/Mfa.
  • Ability to login as ANY user on ANY SITE – (You can already do this with AutoLogin on by selecting the user on the settings tab!)
  • And much more… If you have a use case then let me know!

The Joomla 3.10.999 Project

Like it or not, agree or not, Joomla 3 series is now end of life, and in August 2023 will become end of support – this means that up until that date the Joomla Project “may” release a new version (Joomla 3.10.12) if a security issue is discovered of such magnitude that they believe it would be wise to update the world. It rarely happens.

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Migrating to Joomla 4 when using

This is not an article telling you how to migrate Joomla 3 to Joomla 4. This is an article for subscribers on how to continue to use the service with their Joomla sites after migrating them.

Joomla 3 is nearing its end of life. and will reach its final resting date on August 17, 2023.

After that date no more Joomla 3 releases will be made. Not even if a security issue is found in Joomla 3!

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