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Backup All Your Joomla & WP Sites Easily – With One Button in

Ok, I screwed up. I admit it and Im sorry. We recently introduced Unlimited Backup Schedules per site and in doing so introduced a logic bug that caused us to remove the “Backup All Sites” in one go feature. Lets talk about that – tl;dr; The Backup All Sites button has returned!!! 🙂 One of […]

Check your websites security headers with

There are a set of nifty HTTP Headers that you can emit from your site on every response which will harden your site against spoofing, XSS and more Here at, we have just launched 8 new checks in the snapshot that is taken of your sites over twice a day!

Unlimited Backup Schedules – powered by cron syntax

Using you can backup your site unlimited times, based on unlimited schedules, configured with powerful cron syntax Before today we only accepted a single schedule. Either Daily, Weekly or Monthly – at a time of our liking, or at a near-custom-time you specified. Starting today, you can now use Akeeba Backup to backup your […]

Generate site homepage screenshots with

As a subscriber you can generate unlimited high quality screenshots of all your connected websites – Joomla or WordPress! For every site you connect to service, we will generate a homepage screenshot of the website in a PNG format at 1024px x 768px and host that image on the highly available Amazon S3 […]