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We are pleased to hit another milestone last month, adding our 68,000th site to mySites.guru, launching a new Uptime Monitoring for Joomla and WordPress sites, within mySites.guru and much more new features – including the ability to add any PHP based webspace to mySites.guru!

But that was not all.

August 2021 saw Joomla 4.0.0 Stable released by the Joomla project!

mySites.guru has been fully compatible with Joomla 4 throughout its development cycle, and we have added some Joomla 4 specific tools to our Admin Tools for Joomla in the mySites.guru console.

Our current advice is this: Update ALL YOUR Joomla sites to Joomla 3.10.x ASAP! Seriously, just do it, the upgrade from Joomla 3.9.28 to 3.10.x is a small, simple upgrade!.

… then backup your site, restore this backup somewhere else and TEST your clone of your site with an upgrade to Joomal 4.0.x, fixing all the compatibility issues with extensions etc. There is a lot of help on the Joomla Wiki about this migration.

Akeeba Backup updates

There has been considerable changes under the hood with the JSON API for Akeeba backup, and while other services are still playing catchup, the mySites.guru service has been fully compatible with these changes for a long time.

If your Akeeba Backup Professional is up to date, then mySites.guru can use that to back up your WordPress or Joomla site!

But wait, there is MORE! You can now use Akeeba Backup SOLO Professional, with mySites.guru, to backup ANY PHP Webspace! Awesome! mySites.guru is the only remote service that offers this integration currently!

Uptime monitoring for Joomla and WordPress sites

We recently announced our new micro-service monitoring the uptime of your Joomla and WordPress sites connected to mySites.guru. This new service replaces the UptimeRobot.com integration, and we have been open and transparent about the reasons why we stopped using UptimeRobot

You can now see performance issues in the last 24 hours in a nice graph, as well as be alerted for any downtime.

Investing in development of our own rival service has saved me personally $22,416 – money better reinvested into the new features in mySites.guru!

Much much more…

ok, you understand by now that Im a much better developer than I am blogger… but I try 🙂 There is so much more that I have been working on recently, including attempting to bring a side project from mySites.guru to production and delivering a brand new SaaS service for Joomla and WordPress users – watch this space for announcements, you will want to be the first to sign up – trust me! haha

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