Create Custom Client White Label Reports for your Joomla and WordPress sites

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Following on from our release of the Whitelabeled reporting tool for Joomla and WordPress sites in, we are pleased to announce that we have just launched the Custom Report Designer for the Whitelabeled report tool.

This feature allows you to create UNLIMITED (unlimited, as is everything in custom templates for your reports, which can then be assigned to your scheduled (and manually run) report configurations.

You can use this feature to:

  • Create a custom layout, with your own logo, fonts, styles, colours
  • Move around the sections in the reports
  • Remove or add sections
  • Create one layout and reuse it on multiple reports
  • Centrally manage all your custom templates for reports

Our reports are all HTML. You know HTML. The world knows HTML. There are good reasons we chose HTML over PDF, doing so gives you COMPLETE CONTROL, using tools you know, over the look and feel!

This gives you the ability to brand the reports to your own brand.

What if I already had customised templates?

Dont panic! We migrated your custom templates into the new Custom Report Designer, and reassigned those back to your report configs.

You can find them your customised templates on the Custom Report Designer page in your account.

BONUS: You can even send the emails from YOUR email address, so when they arrive at your clients, there is no mention of (or!)

Thats right, just set your DNS correctly to ensure deliverability (we walk you through that) and then you are all set!

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