Manage Joomla & WordPress sites yourself. Manage, Upgrade, Backup, Monitor, Auto-Login and much more!

This is not an indepth list, in fact this page is missing almost 100% of our features! We prefer you to actually "touch" and use the toolset yourself!
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Configuration & Best Practice Snapshots, Auditing, Backups...

Plus our unique award-winning toolset you will not find elsewhere...

Other services just Monitor Uptime, Updates and Backups, there is so much more to our service - try it for free now.

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WordPress and Joomla!
We have got it covered!

Connect unlimited sites to our platform, and get instant guidance on adherence to best practice and secure configuration.

We support old, very old, and new versions of both platforms. Even hacked sites can be added and audited!

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Complex configuration as simple as a toggle switch

That's the power of our award-winning unique toolset!

Every check is documented, and a tool provided for you to fully investigate and fix problems, simply.

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More features than we can list...

But lets try listing the major ones...

Automatic Updates For All Joomla Extensions/Plugins/Templates/Modules

You can select any Joomla Update Site to provide automatic updates whenever the developer releases a new version.

We will apply these updates as soon as they are released, letting you know when we do, so you can concentrate on your business and not monitoring your vendors websites for updates.

Daily Snapshot

The daily snapshot grabs the quick information from your site, checks for updates, or changes in your configuration and alerts you to these.

We make over 70 checks in this quick snapshot, just a few are shown in the screenshot below.

The snapshot also contains our award winning tools so you can change configuration with a single click, you can learn more about the check and why its important, or watch a video talk about it.

Periodic Audit

The audit looks at every single line of code in every single file in your webspace!. This take longer than the snapshot, but allows us to alert you if your site is hacked, harbouring backdoors for hackers, or spamming.

Audits can be started on demand, daily, weekly, or monthly.

Hacked Alerts - Inspect Files Tool

When the audit completes, we do a final check of the facts, and if your site is hacked we alert you.

You can then use the tools to inspect your site and see the exact files and exact lines of code that are hacked!

Powerful One Click Tools

100s of one click tools can reconfigure your site to achieve best practice in seconds!

We fully explain the tool and what it does on the Learn More pages, and then give you an instant tool to fix the issue with one click!

Reliable Backups!

Utilising industry standard plugins like Akeeba Backup, and others, we schedule, run and provide reliable backups of your site

You can schedule daily, weekly, or monthly backups, which are stored ON YOUR SERVER, or processed to one of the major storage platforms.

Extension/Plugin Updates In One Place!

Show a list of realtime updates available, and apply these updates automatically or with one click

Any plugin can be updated this way, in Joomla or WordPress!

So Much More...

The Only way you can appreciate the features, is to run your free trial on a real site of yours!

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Questions about our features?

Drop me an email! One of our best features is our ability to add new features VERY QUICKLY to the platform.

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