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Maintain websites like a Pro! Manage, Backup, Update, and Secure your sites in record time and on your schedule.

The BEST way to maintain all your sites in one place, regardless of who the web host is! Thousands of Digital Agencies ❤️ us!

Our unique tools for Digital Agencies & freelancers, help to keep yoursites in their best shape ever, teaching to maintain to best practice, defending against hacks, down time, or worse!

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Find that one, hard to find line, of hacked code in 20,000 files with ease in Joomla or WordPress

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What is is a single dashboard to manage all your Joomla and WordPress sites quickly and easily.

Connect your sites to us - let us highlight the issues for you, and give you tools to fix them yourself!

Last Updated: New features were just released today!

Helping you to manage and maintain them all from one location, our award-winning toolbox gives you instant expertise to help with the daily, and security, tasks of managing multiple WordPress and Joomla sites.

While other watchful services only offer backups, uptime monitoring and plugin/extension updates - Our unique audit and snapshot tools allow you to reconfigure your site to adhere to best practice as well as ensuring the ongoing security of your site, and being alerted to potential issues in realtime.

With features such as one-click-login to your sites, and quick toggles to apply our recommendations - you can cut site maintenance time drastically!

The best part is, our single dashboard allows your to add unlimited sites of both platforms, unlike other services that only support WordPress or Joomla, you can add BOTH platforms to your account with

Manage Multiple WordPress Websites From One Dashboard

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Manage Multiple Joomla Websites From One Dashboard

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Learn best practice

Learn Best Practice

Each of our checks is well documented and guide you to learn the best practice to apply to all your sites. This is years of experience that Phil is giving away as part of the tools - learn best practice, and build some awesome secure Joomla & WP sites!


All information in one place

Information In One Place

Login to your dashboard on our site and instantly see all your sites in one dashboard. List their versions, their issues, problems and things that need fixing right away. Run backups, updates, audits and monitor all your sites in one place. Use our scheduler to run backups, and UptimeRobot to monitor Uptime.


be the hero in your company

You are the hero!

Our tools will make you look good! Using all our years of expertise, learning from all our techniques, applying the very latest best practice for your sites by following our indepth guides - you will look like a Joomla/WordPress rock star in your organisation!


Works with all old, very old and new versions of the worlds leading platforms

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Running your first audit is free, and no payment is needed, however if you still have questions feel free to ask for an near-instant reply!

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