Digital Agency Dashboard for updating and securing unlimited WordPress & Joomla websites

Fix hacked files in sites quickly.
Discover and apply best practice with a single click.
Maintain. Backups. Alerting. Uptime monitoring and more!

Compatible with all web-hosts and all modern versions of PHP, Joomla!™ & WordPress™

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🎉 Over 72,000 WordPress, Joomla & PHP Sites Currently Connected To Our Service! ⭐️
Joomla/WordPress specific site security audits

Find hacks, backdoors and fix them yourself

The audit is finely tuned to check every line of every file in your webspace, discovering backdoors and changes. You can then fix the hacks and improve the security yourself.

Award-Winning Features of

Keep your sites secure.
Up to date. Maintained.

Our unique tools for Digital Agencies & freelancers, help to keep yoursites in their best shape ever, teaching you to maintain to best practice, defending against hacks, downtime, or worse!

Out of your depth: You can always ask Phil E. Taylor, the skills behind this service, for help - see

Hacked Joomla Site

Find Hacks And Backdoors

We audit every line of every file in your webspace, identifing any suspect code quickly and giving you the tools to repair the hack yourself.

Out of your depth? We can fix hacks for you for a fee!

Find backdoors in Joomla/WordPress sites
Learn Best Practice

Learn and apply best-practice

We list tonnes of best practice items. Comparing your site against this list, we show your issues and provide recommendations.

We then give you tools to fix it with one click!

Learn the best practice for Joomla and WordPress sites
Apply Updates

Discover and apply updates

Instantly get a list of updates from your 100s of sites, and apply them with a single click - or even schedule automatic updates for Joomla!

Mass upgrade Joomla & WordPress core, plugins, extensions with ease.

Automatic Updates for ANY Joomla Extension or Plugin

Backups. Uptime. Alerting.

All the standard features you would expect. Automated Akeeba Backups, Uptime Monitoring, File modification alerting. Auto Login to sites.

A comprehensive toolset to keep on top of your site management.

Just some of the powerful features in
You are the star!

Built to make you a success.

For the last decade, our service has been making the task of managing your customers sites easier - making you look good!

There are currently over 72,000 sites connected to our platform, with 1000s of paying subscribers, and even more team accounts.

Our main purpose is to give you our expertise, wrapped up in a self-help product - but when you get out of your depth you can always ask for Phil Taylor to jump in and help you, for example, with fixing a hacked website - for an additional set fee.

Learn more about our features
One Set Fee. Unlimited Sites.

Our Pricing Plans

Everything we have is included for a small set fee.

There have been ZERO price increases since we launched in 2012 - so lock in this old pricing as its inevitable that prices will need to increase soon and existing subscriptions will not increase!


GBP£ 5.00/month



GBP£ 19.99/month


GBP£ 199.99/year

  • Unlimited Sites
  • Everything we offer!
  • A discount of 2 months equivalent
  • Paid upfront

Our free trial offer is a single free audit of any WordPress or Joomla site.
If you like what you see we do, then you can sign-up for a paid subscription. The free trial doesn't have access to any of our scheduling or alerting features.


Any Questions? Ask Phil!

Based on emails from the last decade, these are the top 6 questions I'm asked. If you have questions, please feel free to drop me an email personally - I will reply instantly!

No. is a subscription service.

Yes! Of course! It's the law! doesn't store or process your customer data at all, and the small amount of data we store in our db is about you, your account, payments and preferences.

Your customers data remains on their websites!

Absolutely! I stake my whole reputation on it!

I cant go into all the detail in this tiny FAQ, but we have never had a breach in over a decade of service, and we plan and design for a complete database compromise. Even if a hacker was able to get our whole database, they still could not run code on your sites.

Our service is multiserver multilayered and each layer is physically isolated within a datacenter, meaning a breach would need to compromise a minimum of 3 services, at the same time, without triggering our alarms, before they come close to anything - by then I would have hit our big red button!

We support all modern versions of WordPress, as old as Joomla 2.5.0 and anything running on PHP 5.3+ (although only insane people would use PHP 5 today!) is owned by Blue Flame Digital Solutions Limited / Phil E. Taylor - a UK Limited Company

Our servers are in the UK, in the DigtialOcean Datacenters

Post-brexit this is not part of the EU, but is compliant with all data protection laws.

Blue Flame Digital Solutions Limited is registered with the UK Information Commissioner.

Blue Flame Digital Solutions Limited is owned, operated and controlled from Jersey, Channel Islands, a British Crown Dependancy (An island physically off the coast of France)

DigitalOcean Referral Badge is a SaaS (Software as a service) - is is not an application you download

You connect your sites to using a PHP Connector which you can download from your account. Each connector is unique and contains cryptographic signatures and certificates to identify your site and provide a secure way of communicating with our service. Reviews

1000s of subscribers.

Their own words.

No fake, undated reviews here, only verifiable Twitter comments from customers own Twitter accounts.

Click through to Twitter to verify each one.

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