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How to fix a hacked site with

So it happened. Your site was finally hacked. Dont panic.

BACKUP! (Dont Restore)!

Do it now. Backup your site. Even if its hacked. Backup right now. Done? ok.

Next, you will read some “Experts” talk about restoring your site from the last clean backup – this should only ever be done as a last ditch attempt!

By restoring you are wiping away crucial evidence, details that someone like me with experience can use to understand how you were hacked in the first place. By restoring you wipe the slate clean, but re-introduce the same security hole that allowed you to be hacked in the first place!

Out of your depth? Out of time? Just want an expert fix?

tl:dr; – If you are looking for an expert to “just fix” your site for you, for a small one time set fee (and non-subscribers get a month of for FREE), then please visit and submit a request. For as little as GBP88.00 set fee Phil will fix your site and give it all the love it needs, handing it back to you cleaned, upgraded, locked down and secure.

Here are we have a unique set of tools to help you manage and maintain, backup and secure your site. You can discover what is really happening under the bonnet of your homepage, as we check each and every line of code in your webspace.

Continue reading to see some of these tools highlighted.

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How to automatically remove fluff files after Joomla updates

What is fluff??? – Unneeded files that Joomla distributes that you can safely remove from your site.

Lots of people asked us to remove “Fluff files” automatically on upgrading Joomla – well, you can now opt in for this on the Settings Tab of your Manage Site pages in your account at 

Removing these files will not damage your website at all, it will just tidy up your webspace. Although there is no danger in leaving these files in place we highly recommend you remove them, as we all know fluff just gets in the way.

You can check the status of these files at any time on the Snapshot Tab.

After a snapshot is taken in, we display the number of files that are found in the snapshot results page

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myJoomla rebranding to logo
The logo
The new logo

As our service now supports Joomla and WordPress CMS’s, its no longer appropriate to be called “” and therefore we have changed the service name to

For a limited time and will be used to market to individual segments of the market specific to one of the platforms, but moving forward will be the new name, and home of our service.