Manage Your Client Sites, Joomla And WordPress Sites From One Secure Dashboard. powers through 60,000 Joomla and WordPress Sites Managed

Firstly a huge thank you to our loyal subscribers, a large number of which have been with us since our very first month in 2012 when we launched. is a unique service for managing Joomla and WordPress sites.

Others have attempted to replicate our service but none have come even close. Any service can do updates and backups – but we are light years ahead with unique tools and services not found anywhere else in other services.

Last weekend, we connected our 60,000 live site to the service.

There have been many more than 60,000 sites connected in total, but we only log the ACTIVE number of sites connected, and in our database in real-time.

We don’t track, log, record the number of sites that have been added and then removed over the years, once a site is deleted.

I just wanted to say a huge thanks to those that are ending 2020 with their subscriptions to – your investment in our success has been reinvested into making the service a huge success – much more is in the plans for 2020, some of which has been kept top secret as I work on it.

Thank you.

Enjoy your holiday festive Christmas period…. but keep an eye out, Joomla 3.9.14 will be released next Tuesday (I’m guessing, well I know, but its still a guess).

How to Tag sites

Tagging sites allows you to quickly and easily organize and control already organizes your collection of sites in some of the most commonly used groupings (i.e.. Upgrades & Updates, Your Webserver Hosts, No SSL Certificate, etc.) but we know that no two web geniuses think alike, so we created the ability for you to group the sites you manage in as many groupings as you wish!

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Top 50 Joomla Extensions in 2019 according to data from 60000 sites

*almost 60000 sites, see current number on homepage of 😉

People are always interested in what other people are using to build their Joomla site. We have the data, so while other sites might blog post about this with static information, we thought we would make this REAL TIME and accessible to all our subscribers, updated with data in real time pulling from our database of nearly 60,000 sites

No Surprises by Akeeba Backup and Joomla Content Editor win hands down.

Login to your account (Subscribe today if you have not already) and then head on over to:

For those that are not customers, here is a sneak preview of the top 10 extensions for Joomla, at the end of November 2019.

Automatic Updates for ANY Joomla Extension or Plugin

That’s right. Joomla Auto Updates is a thing. Any Joomla Extension that has an update site, thus implements the Joomla API for Updates, can now be set to automatically update when there is an update available.

Building on the foundation that has been running in for years, that has automatically upgraded over 3 million JCE Editor, Akeeba, AdminTools and RegularLabs extensions, you can now select ANY update site stream and mark it for auto updates.

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How to test your site performance with Lighthouse audits in

Continuing a month of amazing feature additions, including Team Management, Team Impersonation, Better Screenshots, we are pleased to announce that you can now run a Performance Audit on your homepage with the amazing Lighthouse Audit tool, right there in your account!

This is the same tool used by Google PageSpeed Insights. No chickens here.

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How to mass upgrade Joomla and WordPress sites from one dashboard

With Joomla 3.9.13 due for release this week (Tuesday 5th Nov),
we wanted to highlight upgrading Joomla sites in one place, with tools.

Relax! and upgrade multiple sites from one dashboard

One of the most popular reasons for being able to add multiple (unlimited!) Joomla and WordPress sites in a single dashboard, is the ability to upgrade the core Joomla and WordPress versions with the minimal of fuss – and clicks!

In this blog post we will show how quick and simple it is to upgrade unlimited sites in one go, from your account, with zero downtime and no fuss.

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Tip: How to anonymize data before taking a screenshot of your account

We love that people want to share screenshots of our award-winning tool set for Joomla and WordPress sites, but doing so reveals live site names, or customer names, and we, and you, might not like those immortalized in images – so we have created a quick, easy, and fun way to anonymize data as its rendered on the screen in your account

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Manage Multiple Joomla And WordPress Sites With Your Whole Team

We are pleased to announce the immediate availability of team management features in You can now add (unlimited, of course) additional team members to your account, assigning them their own permissions, sites and settings.

You can use this, to give your digital agency staff members access to your full list of Joomla and WordPress sites in your single dashboard, or you can limit their access to managing a few Joomla sites in one place, or just WordPress sites – it’s up to you!

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