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The FAQ page with answers to your commonly asked questions

What is is a single dashboard for all your Joomla and WordPress sites, Helping you can manage and maintain them all from one location. Our award-winning toolbox gives you instant expertise to help with the daily, and security, tasks of managing multiple sites. See our excellent reviews or continue reading our FAQ below.

Can I use this to manage multiple WordPress sites?

Yes! is designed to manage multiple WordPress sites – you can also manage multiple Joomla sites and even plain old PHP sites.

Take a free wordpress site audit and see what can do

I have a question (FAQ) – where can I get a direct answer?

Just email Phil for a personal reply within seconds (if he is awake!) – just email

How do I fix a hacked Joomla or WordPress site?

Using the powerful toolset at you can fix your sites yourself, with helpful advise from the experts, using our tools you can be the hero in your company and fix your hacked sites yourself
Find out more at

Is free?

No, mySites is a subscription service at just GBP5.00 for one site, or GBP19.99 for UNLIMITED sites. By comparison with some other services, this is quite cheap! There have been ZERO price rises since 2012! Find out more on the pricing page,

My Joomla/WordPress site is hacked, how can I fix it?

Using the powerful toolset at you can fix your Joomla sites yourself, with helpful advise from the experts. Find out more at or you can ask Phil Taylor to fix it – send a request here

What is has now been rebranded after the addition of more tools and WordPress integration. Find out more at

How to mass upgrade Joomla and WordPress sites from one dashboard

One of the most popular reasons for being able to add multiple (unlimited!) Joomla and WordPress sites in a single dashboard, is the ability to upgrade Joomla and WP versions quickly with the minimal of fuss – and clicks!. Find out more at

Can I manage unlimited Joomla and WordPress sites in one dashboard?

Yes! For only GBP19.99 a month, you can add Unlimited Joomla and WordPress sites to your account. Find out more on the features page

How to automatically remove fluff files after Joomla updates?

Lots of people asked us to remove “Fluff files” automatically on upgrading Joomla – well, you can now opt in for this on the Settings Tab of your Manage Site pages in your account at . Find out more on the blog post

Last updated on July 2nd, 2024