Learn best practice for Joomla and WordPress sites

In this blog post we are going to highlight the awesome “Learn More” pages in the service – this covers both Joomla and WordPress best practice. The Snapshot and Audit cover well over 100 checks, each comes with a “Learn More” page and a tool to further investigate the issue.

Automatically upgrade 1000s of WordPress Plugins + Joomla!

Here on our blog we have already talked about how to setup automatic updates for any Joomla plugin, how to automatically remove fluff files after Joomla updates and we have talked about how to manage your extensions/plugins with, and lastly we talked about how to mass upgrade Joomla and WordPress, from one dashboard, within

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One Click login to any Joomla or WordPress admin console

Even if you have forgotten your Joomla/WordPress username and password! Along with all the amazing features of such as the snapshot, the white label reporting, the audit and backup features – there are a lot of little feature that I use every day that is so easily overlooked.

The Audit Tools for WordPress and Joomla Sites is a tool for managing multiple wordpress sites, or Joomla sites. In this blog post I’m going to cover the basics of the security audit for Joomla and WordPress sites using the Ultimate Toolset found in Connect unlimited sites to the service, then you can run UNLIMITED audits of your UNLIMITED sites

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How to automatically remove fluff files after Joomla updates

What is fluff??? – Unneeded files that Joomla distributes that you can safely remove from your site. Lots of people asked us to remove “Fluff files” automatically on upgrading Joomla – well, you can now opt in for this on the Settings Tab of your Manage Site pages in your account at 

Get expert help for your Joomla and WordPress problems – immediately.

Got a WordPress or Joomla Problem and need expert help today? Phil Taylor is available for hire with set fees over at Phil Taylor is the developer of and long term contributor to many projects such as WordPress, Joomla and Symfony – among the biggest open source projects.

How to Install An Extension to Multiple Joomla Sites at Once

When you want to install an extension across multiple Joomla (or WordPress!) sites in one go, you can use the Mass Installer Tool Mass plugin installer for Joomla and WordPress Here is a quick video explaining this tool from Tim Davis of Basic Joomla How to install or update a Joomla! extension You can

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How to manage any PHP Application with

You read that right, you can now add, manage, audit, backup and monitor any webspace that can run PHP! is most known for allowing agencies and developers to manage multiple Joomla and WordPress sites, well now you can add any webspace that can run PHP. We so that well with over 67,000 sites already

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The Command Palette Navigation

One of the quickest and easiest ways to navigate an application is with a Command Palette Navigation. The service at has a huge list of tools for you to use in its command palette – just press cmd k / ctrl k to invoke and navigate the whole service with a few keystrokes,

Joomla 5 Technical Requirements

Joomla 5.0.0 was released in October 2023, and it introduced a new strict joomla technical requirements minimum of MySQL 8.0.13, MariaDB 10.4.0 and PHP 7.2.5 The tool for Joomla 5 Technical Requirements – Hosting Check is a feature of the subscription at These versions should be very un-controversial, however it quickly became apparent

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