Emails from

Several people have noticed emails from in their Mail sent items.

Example email sent from the service to

At the start of every audit we use the Joomla/WordPress Configuration for Mail settings (whatever you have your Joomla/WordPress site configured for sending mail) to send a short email to

(myJoomla was the initial name for the service, before we added support for WordPress sites, at that point we changed brand to

If we receive this then we flag that in the audit results as a success, if the email doesn’t arrive then we flag that as a failure and something to investigate.

This is a valid test to ensure your site can send emails.

Now, the server that receives these emails is not a real SMTP server, its a PHP script that pretends its a SMTP server, converts the incoming email to JSON and sends it back to for processing.

If we don’t receive the email then that is flagged in the audit – because it would mean that your Joomla/WordPress site could not send email using its configured method of sending emails… – if your site cannot send email that might mean you are losing emails!

If you can see these emails in your Mail Clients “sent items” folder it probably also means you are reusing your credentials from your mail account with your site – this is bad and should be changed – if your Joomla/WordPress site ever was hacked (like every Joomla 4 version was exploitable to expose configuration.php values, except the latest few!) then the hacker would have full control over your mail account too – gulp!

Normally you would set up and use a separate outgoing mail account for your Joomla/WordPress site if needed, normally a web server can be correctly configured to send mail without sending by SMTP. Personally we recommend using a SMTP service like which provides better outgoing deliverability and visibility of sent emails.

If you are receiving bounce backs or server spam error messages – then check your outgoing mail settings – because if you are bouncing or spam flagging our emails, you are probably also flagging emails that are genuinely sent from your site.

The only way to stop these emails is to terminate your subscription or don’t ever run another audit. I shall not be removing this valid and important part of the checks we do and adds value to the audit tools.

Last updated on July 2nd, 2024