How to test your site performance with Lighthouse audits in

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Continuing a month of amazing feature additions, including Team Management, Team Impersonation, Better Screenshots, we are pleased to announce that you can now run a Performance Audit on your homepage with the amazing Lighthouse Audit tool, right there in your account!

This is the same tool used by Google PageSpeed Insights. No chickens here.

This tool is integrated to your Manage Site page, just select the tab with the lighthouse logo on it, click to generate an adhoc report, and within seconds the report is loaded and showing you loads of helpful information

Lighthouse is an open-source, automated tool for improving the quality of web pages

There are lots of helpful tips and tricks, and links to other resources in the report, from experts at Google and others.

Its only a tool. Use it to guide your decisions, and help you understand how Google and others see your site.

Using the three dots in the top right, you can export the report, print, save in several formats and open in an external viewer.

We run the lighthouse audit on your homepage only. If you want to run it on other pages, we suggest you use for FREE.

The report will also list some opportunities for you that could help your page load faster.

The report has much more, so check it out on the Manage Site page of your site in your account.

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