Automatic Updates for all Joomla Extensions

That’s right. Joomla Auto Updates is a thing. Any Joomla Extension that has an update site, thus implements the Joomla API for Updates, can now be set to automatically update when there is an update available. WordPress has had this for years but now harnessing the power of the Ultimate Toolset at you can now automatically upgrade any Joomla extension or plugin!

Automatic plugin upgrades for Joomla at
Automatic plugin upgrades for Joomla at – No chickens allowed

Building on the foundation that has been running in for years, that has automatically upgraded over 3 million JCE Editor, Akeeba, AdminTools and RegularLabs extensions, you can now select ANY update site stream and mark it for auto updates.

This is just continuing our amazing month of new features added at NO ADDITIONAL COST to your subscription. Increasing the value we provide with still no price increase since we launched in 2012…

Prices have not been raised EVER! Still, only GBP5.00 for 1 site or GBP19.99 for unlimited

Back when we first announced auto updates for Joomla extensions, (4 years ago according to our changelog), the quality of some Joomla extensions was shocking, and we decided to limit our feature to just a handful of extension developers who we had met personally, or had shown consistent approach to quality of their work.

Its now almost 2020, and times have changed. Some extensions are still shocking quality, but most seem to be stable enough. We also want to put the decision in our customers hands as feedback has shown that a lot of customers have developed their own extensions and would like to select those for auto-upgrade on their customer sites too. This is now possible!

How does this work?

Just select the update site stream on the Updates Tab of Manage Site pages.

This information is gathered from your site when we run a snapshot of your site. You can see the exact URL provided by the developers that your Joomla site will use, this allows you to check the authenticity of your update sites, something very few Joomla site owners actually check.

Any that are marked Auto Update Enabled will then be checked once a day for updates, if that update site has an update for an extension you have installed, then we will instruct your Joomla site to conduct the update, you will of course receive a notification according to your preferences by email on successful and failed updates.

You can even use the split button to enable an update site stream on all your connected sites in your account. For example, you can use this to enable auto-updates for Akeeba Backup, on all sites, with 2 clicks!

You can also use this feature to keep your Joomla Accredited Translations, Joomla WebInstaller, Joomla Weblinks Component and Joomla Update Component (J3) up to date automatically.

I dont want auto upgrades!

Thats cool. I’m with you. By default, nothing is enabled for auto-update. You have to make a conscious decision and enable the feature to opt in.

What about my old preferences for JCE, Akeeba and RegularLabs?

Your old preferences have been migrated. If you had previously opted in to auto-updates of JCE/Akeeba/RegularLabs, then these preferences have been migrated to the new update streams and you should see those update sites marked as Auto Update Enabled already. You can disable/toggle this at any time. Up to you.

What about backups? What if it goes wrong?

You can schedule daily backups in your account using Akeeba Backup, either the free or professional version.

We only update extensions you request, and we notify you immediately if an update fails or is successful so you can click the link in our email and see if your site is online and working correctly. We provide a link to the developers update new/documentation/announcement in that email.

You can also set up Uptime Monitors in your site that check your site every 5 mins, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If your site is offline then you will be alerted.