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Ok, I screwed up. I admit it and Im sorry. We recently introduced Unlimited Backup Schedules per site and in doing so introduced a logic bug that caused us to remove the “Backup All Sites” in one go feature.

Lets talk about that – tl;dr; The Backup All Sites button has returned!!! 🙂

One of the unique qualities our service has always had, is the way we develop in a very agile way – responding to emerging hack threats, security incidents – and requests from our loyal customers! This means we can quickly and seamlessly implement and deploy new features at the drop of a hat’s notice. With Zero Downtime. Same Day, sometimes many times a day!

This is one of those times.

The problem/cause

On implementing Unlimited Backup Schedules per site, we introduced a logic bug. This is caused because before that change, we stored a single Backup Profile per site.

This meant that when you clicked the “Backup all sites” we knew which of the unlimited backup profiles to run on each site.

When we introduced multiple schedules, you were then able to select a different backup profile per schedule, we no longer had a default profile per site, only a profile per schedule.

This meant that we could not provide a “backup all sites” feature, as we did not know which profile to run for each site!

The solution

The solution was pretty simple really, we reverted some code to allow us to re-implement the “Backup All” button on the Schedules tab of the “Scheduled Backups” page

We then added new features to allow you to select a default backup profile per site. You can do this on the schedules page, or on the Settings Tab of Manage Site page.

You can still filter your sites before pressing the new “Start Backup Of All Sites Visible Below” button.

Once you click the button you get a chance to back out 😉

one click of that blue button and we usher your request into our backup queue and process the backups as fast as we can – we will redirect you to see a list of your running backups where you can sit and watch them, or you can close your browser/browser elsewhere because the backups will continue regardless of your actions.

Thanks to all those that told us how valuable this feature was, and tested the new implementation. We ♥️ you!

Tim Davis

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