End Of Life Supported Versions

Here at we know that in a perfect world we would all be running the very latest version of Joomla/WordPress, but its an imperfect world, and so we have to cater for old versions too.

Very. Old. Versions.

So, unlike other services that only support Joomla 3 and above, the service supports as way back as Joomla 1.5.0 ! has a tool to fix all Joomla 3 security issues with a single click – check it out at

Joomla 1.5.0 was released in January 2008… that’s 12 years ago!!!

Even the last in Joomla 1.5.x series, Joomla 1.5.26, was released in 2012 – that’s 8 years ago!

In order to support that far back, our code is fully compatible with PHP 5.3.9+ and other dependencies compatible enough to run Joomla 1.5.0

Thats not to say we believe running Joomla 1.5.0 in 2020 is acceptable – far from it! PHP 5.3 is end of life too and has serious security vulnerabilities and is slow and buggy.

BONUS: We achieve this compatibility with the same code for ALL Joomla versions – one plugin, and its supports all versions from Joomla 1.5.0 to the latest Joomla 3.9.16 version! (There will, in the future, be a different plugin for Joomla 4.0.0+, but more on that later)

We support the whole Joomla 1.5, 2.x.x and Joomla 3.x.x. series currently – and will support Joomla 4.0.0+ also in the future.

(Note: Since this blog post is now old, the data above is slightly out of date. supports all versions of Joomla ever released above Joomla 1.5.0 – that includes Joomla 4 and Joomla 5 and will include Joomla 6+)

Feb 2024…
Joomla 2.5.28 warning in

As for WordPress, we don’t go as far back, and if I’m honest I cannot remember the oldest version number we tested, but its old, very old 🙂 As WordPress has had automatic updates and a seamless update process for many years there are not as many older WordPress sites lying around that we have seen.

It is our recommendation, and best practice, to always upgrade to the latest versions available as soon as you can after a release (dont “wait a few days”!) this is because once a release is made the old security vulnerabilities resolved in that release, are now public knowledge and hackers will start to use that knowledge to probe out of date sites for intrusion!

Last updated on July 1st, 2024