Manage all your Joomla Sites Extensions with

Two years ago we were tracking over four million relationships between Joomla sites, extensions and the update sites that are used for updates from the developers, and, we got it wrong. Our architecture was wrong, and the performance sucked. So we made the decision to remove it then.

This has now been completely rewritten (Using PHP 7.4 and Symfony 4.4) for the service and has been re-released to great praise from our long term subscribers, some of which have been subscribers since 2012!

(Edit: This is an old article now, we now run on the very latest Symfony framework and the very latest PHP version (8.3.3 at the time of this edit!)

Want to Update One Extension on Multiple Sites instantly?

Watch Tim walk you though it

So what can I do with to manage my extensions?

These are the main headline features:

As you can see above, each of these features enables you to make wide-ranging and sweeping changes to ALL your sites in one go, or a sub set of those selected sites making the task of keeping your Joomla extensions up to date a breeze.

So what are the Top Ten Extensions used by customers?

Well you could login and click the link, but here is a snapshot in time image below to give you a rough estimate on 1st December 2019. The list is a pretty obvious list of the major players in Joomla extensions, nothing exciting or different to our expectations really.

To view the full list of 50, login and navigate to the realtime list.
Example overview page of an old extension on old (hackable) sites.