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Many people have requested that we provide a “Status page” of all the uptime (and downtime!) monitors that we provide, thanks to our relationship with UptimeRobot.com – we are one of their biggest customers!

All mySites.guru subscribers can now add these UptimeRobot status pages – no additional cost and no UptimeRobot account needed!

All mySites.guru subscribers can add UptimeRobot monitors to individual sites already. The status page is just a new way of displaying all that information in one place.

What is a UptimeRobot status page?

A “UptimeRobot Status Page” is a remotely hosted webpage that shows a list of your monitored sites, and the amount of downtime they have had over the last few weeks/months.

Example status page

You can further drill down to see an individual sites downtime, and the response time to the monitoring pings

How to add status page to your account

All you simply need to do is:

  • Ensure that each site has a monitor enabled (Click Manage Site -> Uptime Tab -> Click “Add A UptimeMonitor Monitor” green button (If you see a graph, then its already enabled!)
  • Go to “UptimeRobot Status Page” in the left menu and Click the green button to create a status page

After the page refreshes you will see the link to your public page, you can use this link outside the mySites.guru service and you can use it any way you like. We also show the page preview embedded in the mySites.guru site page.

Just another amazing feature of mySites.guru – rolled out with zero downtime, and no additional price to your monthly subscription.

We want to say a huge thank you to the UptimeRobot team for investing in this feature for our use. They have been on board since the very start of our service, and we keep growing with them, and giving them growth problems to resolve 😉

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