Manage Multiple WordPress & Joomla Sites In A Single Dashboard

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Award Winning Audit checks every file in your webspace for suspect content - easily locate and fix hacked files with a single click!

All your sites in one place

Regardless of the web host or the client, connect all your sites to your dashboard and see an overview of their versions and updates - on one place.

Secure Auto Login As Any User

Securely login to any of your sites with a single click from your dashboard, no more passwords or remembering your username for each site!

Quick, Simple Updates and Upgrades

Track which sites are out of date, and apply plugin/theme updates with a single click. Upgrade multiple WordPress and Joomla just as quickly - across 1000s of sites!

Backups. Done. Rock Solid.

Automate your backup schedules and run backups using the award-winning Akeeba Backup or All-In-One Migration Plugins. Get alerts for backup failures.

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Finally, everything in one place

Add all your WordPress (and Joomla) sites to one central dashboard. and enjoy a productive experience from day one

In the complex landscape of managing multiple WordPress sites, or even managing multiple Joomla sites - emerges as a game-changer. By providing a unified dashboard, performance optimization tools, robust security features, and more, this platform empowers web developers, digital marketers, and agencies to streamline their workflow and achieve greater success. Embrace the efficiency, simplicity, and power of to elevate your multi-site WordPress management experience. As the digital landscape evolves, having a reliable ally like can make all the difference in ensuring your WordPress and Joomla sites thrive and flourish.

~Phil E. Taylor <>

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"I have used this for managing my Joomla sites and WordPress sites all in one place. it has been huge source of learning for me, especially when it comes to choosing the settings that will make my sites most secure. 👍"

~Tim Davis

The Basic Joomla Tutorials, YouTube Channel Host