One Click login to any Joomla or WordPress admin console

Even if you have forgotten your Joomla/WordPress username and password!

Along with all the amazing features of such as the snapshot, the white label reporting, the audit and backup features – there are a lot of little feature that I use every day that is so easily overlooked.

This is one of those: One click admin login.

Since 2017, you have been able to login from with a single click, 1000s of you already use this feature and we publish live statistics of this within your account

One Click Login secure and is an opt-in feature

This is an opt in feature that requires that you first connect your site to your account and also select an admin user on the Settings Tab of the Manage Site page.

Once you have selected the user to use, any link to your sites Admin Console within will be converted to an “auto login” button – a single click and a new tab opens up, and you are sitting, logged in, at your Joomla Administrator Console or WordPress Admin Dashboard!

Under the hood we DONT use passwords. We never ask for your password – we never would. We don’t want to be storing that kind of information.

Instead we use the same security as the rest of our service which does all this (and more) before even redirecting you

Under the hood:

  1. We contact our request validation service and tell it we are about to send a request to your site
  2. Send an encrypted request to a endpoint on your site
  3. Your site asks our request validation service if the request was genuine
  4. We test the request, and check if we genuinely did send it and tell your site we did.
  5. Your site then decrypts our request, sees that its a login request
  6. Your site then establishes a new user session for you based on the user you have pre-selected in
  7. We then redirect you to your site where your browser collects that session
  8. TADA! You are now logged in!

That is what happens under the hood!

What your experience is:

  1. Click Admin Login button
  2. TADA! You see your admin console and you are already logged in!

What about .htaccess restrictions?

Well you have two options:

  1. Provide your .htaccess credentials on the settings page
  2. or, and we recommend this, just click Admin Login – and then manually enter your credentials for the .htaccess which are then cached in your browser until you restart your browser!

Many of us don’t restart our browser very often at all and so these .htaccess credentials will be cached for a long time.