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We did it. Our multi-award winning solution for Joomla and WordPress sites has just added its 62,000 website to our service!

Congratulations to David for being the one to add that site! is a unique service to assist you in ensuring all your Joomla and WordPress sites are following the best practice, have backups, are monitored, and gives you a suite of unique tools to investigate under the hood of your site, checking each and every line of code in your webspace for hacks are much much more…

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We are incredibly humbled.

The thing is, people love us because, despite our lack of marketing, shiny site, podcast, and lipstick – we have a rock solid product that out-performs expectations every day.

Yeah any service can backup, update and monitor a site. But not all services are created equal. Ours is invested into daily, new code deployed multiple times a day – every day. We react and respond to emerging threats, add new hack signatures and patterns daily, and our detection of Joomla and WordPress hacks in file is second to none.

I work on this project full time. Its not a side hustle or investment for me – its my passion.

There is always room to improve, and deploying multiple times a day, we improve things daily, grazing at the code, refining features, add value and give you more power each week to maintain your sites, and your customer sites with ease.

62,000 sites now trust

Thats incredible, but only just the beginning!

2020 we are releasing several new major features, I wanted to announce some of those today, but with the Joomla 3.9.16 release due any moment, I’ll hold off…

Tim Davis

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