69,000 WordPress, and Joomla Sites In One Place

That’s right we finally added the 69,000th website to the service, allowing customer to manage their security, best practice, backups and audits all in one place. Joomla or WordPress or ANY PHP based website!


It was only a few months ago that we were celebrating 68,000 sites, but yet another 1000 sites have been added.

At the time of writing the live counter on the home page of, which reads in realtime the number of sites from our service, is at 69,171 ! 🎉 has been going for over a decade, but the increase in sites being added has started to increase recently – as we add more and more features, and yet have kept the same low subscription prices since 2012 !

Don’t take our word for it – we know we are great!

Please, don’t take our word for how great our service is, ask any of our subscribers – many of which are on twitter and have given us praise from their own accounts, so you can verify their authenticity – we dont have old, fake review statements on our site – no hot air here, just loyal customers, in public, telling it how it is on their own tweet timelines. We collate those on the page but you can click each to authenticate their authenticity.

Why use other “WordPress Only” services?

We know there are LOTS of “Manage Multiple Sites” services – we are not alone, but there are very few where you can manage Joomla, WordPress and literally any PHP based webspace all in the same control panel, with the same full features including best practice recommendations, security reviews, hacked files checker, performance metrics, uptime monitoring, Auditing of the complete webspace, file by file, line by line, and much more… like complete integration with the multi-award winning Akeeba Backup, All-In-One-Backup, Blue Flame Backup… along with a powerful backup scheduler allowing you complete control over the schedule of your backups, unlimited times!

Want to know what’s going on under the hood of your sites in REALTIME – we have that too!

And what about REALLY old versions? Got a Joomla 1.5.26 site? NO PROBLEM for – we are compatible all the way to Joomla 1.5.0!

Not convinced? Use our service for FREE for a whole MONTH!

That’s right – we are so convinced that you cannot live without our service that we will give you a whole first month for free!

Just sign up for a subscription and cancel before the end of your month and you will be charged absolutely nothing!

Find out how to get for free at

Need Extra Help? Or support for your sites connected to ? Sort use a ticket system or first line support!

Here at, you get direct line of contact to Phil Taylor – even use his personal email if you like at – Phil is one of the longest running contributors to Joomla, since the mambo core development team days, and in 2020 in the top two code contributors to Joomla 4.

When you have a problem with your site, or need support for features there are no queues, no ticket systems – you get full and direct access to the developer who wrote the service, who knows each line of code of the service intimately. You get fixes fast.

Is your site hacked? No problem – I can fix that too for a SET fee! – no per hour quotes and estimates needed!

See the full details at – is the dashboard that allows you to manage all these – WordPress, Joomla, PrestaShop, Magento – any PHP based webspace… all from one location!


Last updated on July 2nd, 2024