What did WP Mayor think of for WordPress? Review by

Today, we are really excited to receive a review from the top rated WordPress blog WP Mayor !

Some time ago, we submitted the idea of a product review to WP Mayor, and gave them complete access to the whole toolset at for managing multiple WordPress sites for almost a month.

We gave them full permission to write whatever they wanted about us.

The reviewer was Kevin Wood, who has over 10 years of hands-on WordPress experience, Kevin excels in making complex WordPress topics more accessible.

Overall Kevin was impressed with and details why in his review.

The only change we asked for in this review was to correct the price currency conversion ( is GBP19.99 per month, which is approx USD$28 for UNLIMITED sites!)

The WP Mayor Review of ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

You can view the complete review by clicking below:

This review was performed as part of a paid product analysis. Here’s why you can trust their verdict.

The review focuses on the main features – those being, Managing multiple WordPress sites in one dashboard, the huge toolset of tools for WordPress, individual site management, the WordPress Site Audit, Uptime Monitoring, Mass upgrade of WordPress plugins, Universal User Management, Realtime Alerting, White label reporting and a nod to our specialised `Learn More` pages.

Our thoughts on the review

The review pretty much sums up the service to a tee.

Its always scary to give someone full reign to say what they feel about a project you have invested into every single day for a decade or more, but overall Im pleased that the features of and the support I provide has shined through.

Sure there are things we can improve about the service – but thats the thing, Im here day in and day our improving and expanding the service – with zero price increases since 2012 – despite the ever expanding toolset!

I totally agree that things can be complex and advanced for beginners – however is designed for Digital Agencies to manage unlimited WordPress sites – not WordPress beginners.

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