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You will need to confirm site ownership by registering and installing our plugin on a WordPress or Joomla Site.
Free trial includes a single site audit of any site and showcases only a subset of features.
You can subscribe for more features and to add unlimited sites.
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The free audit offer

We want everyone to see, touch and use the Ultimate Toolset from - therefore we offer a free site audit of any WordPress or Joomla site, so you can see the audit tools yourself.

The free offer includes a complete snapshot and audit of every single file in your webspace and will give you access to the largest toolset for WordPress and Joomla sites, allowing you to drill down deep and see what is really hiding under your site and manage multiple WordPress Sites.

Many first time customers find that they site is hacked - and has been for years - with the audit tools finding suspect content lying dormant in their webspace for years!

The free offer doesn't include any of our scheduling features, backups, whitelabel reporting or uptime monitoring.

The free offer does include a single audit of one site, and full access to the Ultimate Toolset to explore the results of the audit. If you want to run more audits you will be invited to subscribe. is a subscription service with a free trial.