How to manage any PHP Application with

You read that right, you can now add, manage, audit, backup and monitor any webspace that can run PHP! is most known for allowing agencies and developers to manage multiple Joomla and WordPress sites, well now you can add any webspace that can run PHP. We so that well with over 67,000 sites already connected to our platform!

This means you can add Drupal Sites, Prestashop, Magento, etc to and use our powerful toolset to Audit, Manage, Backup, and Monitor your sites

Connect your sites to today and manage them in one place!

Using the connect another site wizard you can select, and download our PHP Application (Connector) for Generic sites, and upload that to the /bfnetwork on your server

You can then provide us with some database connections (we use a database to store the audit cache) and then we are connected!

So what kind of tools are available for Generic PHP sites?

You get the same award winning suite of tools you get when you connect unlimited Joomla and WordPress sites to !!

This includes the snapshot, the full audit – which looks at every single line of every single file in your webspace, looking for hacks, and malicious code, revealing ancient, historic and recent hacks with our suspect content tools!

You can connect Akeeba Backup Solo and use to trigger periodic backups of your webspace, even push them (using Akeeba Backup Solo Professional features) to remote services like Dropbox and sFTP!

Uptime Monitoring – free with every site added!

We no longer use UptimeRobot, long story, but now we provide a FREE Uptime Monitor – powered by our own monitoring engine for each site you add to

We will alert you when your site is offline, and when it responds again.

We also keep a log of your response times so you can see any recent performance issues…

Backups – Powered by Akeeba Backup SOLO Professional

You have heard of Akeeba Backup for Joomla right? Well did you know that the same powerful backup engine is also available for standalone webspace without Joomla or WordPress? Its called Akeeba Backup SOLO and can be fully integrated to provide scheduled backups through