Site Management is about MORE than just Upgrades, Backups and Uptime Monitoring

We have heard it time and time again. “Managed site hosting”, “managed server hosting”, “managed updates”… there is so much more than just Updates, backups and Monitoring needed to run a successful agency full of sites!

Here at, we have tens of thousands of Joomla and WordPress sites, and over a decade of experience within the Joomla project, delivering architectures for large companies, small companies and digital agencies.

We know. We know there is so much more to website management than just running mass bulk updates, backups and checking for uptime.

There are a myriad of services now, for WordPress, and a handful for Joomla (and even less that can be counted on one hand, that handle BOTH platforms like does!) that promise “Multiple Site management“, even the big players like GoDaddy are buying companies like ManageWP and rebranding it GoDaddyPro (WordPress only though!)

Any developer full of hot air can create a website that does mass updates, backups and uptime… we know, we have sat back and seen companies attempt to do it as a part time gig with bought in help…

So why is different?

Well, We know.

We know as a Digital Agency owner or freelancer, you need a complete solution.

We know Site management *IS* more than a recurring income stream for agencies, its bloody hard work sometimes, and when the customer calls saying their site is hacked, they blame you, not their under investment. We know.

We know best practice is the key to preventative maintenance. But its hard to keep on top of, hard to consistently apply to all sites – especially when you have moved onto the next site build or customer, and when new attacks and features are implemented.

We know when a site gets hacked, you need the tools to investigate and fix the hack and the problems yourself, and you need someone you can escalate to for bigger issues. We have got your back on that too!

We know handling 100-1000 websites is a full time job. Or at least it SHOULD be. We know many agencies cannot spare a person to do this full time, and many customers doesn’t want to pay for maintenance – until it all goes wrong…

We know that you don’t always have the time to do everything and know everything and keep on top of everything and time to check that 0 is a 1 on that site the customer still has not paid for… We know.

We know that your datacenter and VPS provider are only interested if your server has power and connectivity, and they dont give you help with site problems, hacks, brokenness. They say its never their problem.

We know sometimes you need an expert point of view, an independent who can talk the language you need to challenge the web hosts and get them to make changes.

So what does give you, over and above Upgrades Backups and Uptime Monitoring?


The foundation of since the beginning has been an unlimited service with a set price, for unlimited sites, giving you access to the UNIQUE TOOLS – we are not going to list every feature in this blog post, I dont have the time 🙂

This is the reason we GIVE AWAY A FREE MONTH of service to each new customer – then you can use the tools for yourself, see them in action on your own sites, discover something new under the hood of your site!

Don’t be confused, this is a UNIQUE toolset not found elsewhere!

The Snapshot

The snapshot for Joomla and WordPress instantly checks your site for the conformance to best practice of a huge number of checks.

It then reports these results within seconds and gives you links to explore the issues.

The Audit

The audit takes longer than the snapshot, as it compiles a list of EVERY file in your webspace, and then checks each and every line of the file, looking for hacks and other patterns.

The things we check for improves and changes daily as more crowdsourced data is added to our service. A hack found on someone else’s site, will then be looked for on your site on the next audit – this model learning means that is leading the way in Hack Detection for Joomla and WordPress sites.

We dont “scan” your site from the outside like some other vendors do. We look at every single line of code, and image, and determine if its suspect or not – and give you tools to explore that.

Once the audit is complete you get access to loads of tools to explore the results.

The snapshot and audit contain many many award winning tools to help you discover what is really going on under the hood of your site.

Learn More Pages

Every tool is well documented. The learn more pages expand your knowledge of a particular area of best practice.

We explain what we looked for and what we found, and we explain why we are looking for this issue, and explain why its important to you as well as providing links to relevant resources and websites to help your knowledge.

And much much more!

I’m out of time, need to get some lunch, here are the links from the Features page, highlighting more and more features of – if you have questions ASK!

A Single Dashboard for Unlimited Sites  • Best Practice Checks • Snapshots •Suspect Content Tool • Periodic Auditing • Find hacks and backdoors • Rock Solid Backups • Toggle Fixes • One Click Login • End-Of-Life Support •Version Tracking • Scheduler • Generate Screenshots • SSL Checks • White Label Client Reporting • Supports WordPress & Joomla, even very old versions • Mass Plugin Installer • Uptime Monitoring/Alerts • Action Logs •Extension Management/Tracking • Team Accounts • Lighthouse Performance Audits • Automatic Updates • Mass Updates & Upgrades • Tagging • Real Time Alerting • Fix a Hack • One Click Backup • Security Headers Checks •Unlimited Backup Schedules • Public Uptime Status Pages

Last updated on March 13th, 2024