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Site Management is about MORE than just Upgrades, Backups and Uptime Monitoring

We have heard it time and time again. “Managed site hosting”, “managed server hosting”, “managed updates”… there is so much more than just Updates, backups and Monitoring needed to run a successful agency full of sites!

Here at, we have tens of thousands of Joomla and WordPress sites, and over a decade of experience within the Joomla project, delivering architectures for large companies, small companies and digital agencies.

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Over 66,000 Joomla and WordPress Sites trust service

Just two months ago, we were here announcing that had surpassed 65,000 connected Joomla and WordPress sites.

Today we celebrate a new milestone in history! 66000+ Sites!

On average, our amazing subscribers are adding 500 new Joomla or WordPress sites a month to our service, that’s 6000 sites a year! is a unique service to assist you in ensuring all your Joomla and WordPress sites are following the best practice, have backups, are monitored, and gives you a suite of unique tools to investigate under the hood of your site, checking each and every line of code in your webspace for hacks are much much more… 

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This is another period of incredible growth!

Yeah any service can backupupdate and monitor a site. But not all services are created equal.

Ours is invested into daily, new code deployed multiple times a day – every day. We react and respond to emerging threats, add new hack signatures and patterns daily, and our detection of Joomla and WordPress hacks in file is second to none due to my hands on approach to investigating every single hack personally.

We have been adding some amazing new features, some announced in our blog , but many not, the blog posts include:

On Christmas Day 2020 we revealed a brand new platform

The new platform is now Powered by PHP 8 – yes that’s right, bang up to date PHP version, and also running Symfony 5.2.1, bang up to date.

This means we can now power ahead in releasing new features at an incredible rate and be future proofed.

We also removed a lot of the technical debt that we had gained over the years, deleting over 500,000 lines of code, and deploying over 1million lines of code!

Thank you.

“I just want to say a personal thank you to all those that are subscribers and have been since we launched in 2012, you know who you are – your energy, suggestions and feature requests keep me on my toes daily striving to be the best service that we can possibly be.

~Phil Taylor – Founder of

How to disable “Send Copy To Submitter” in Joomla to prevent spam – with

We have all been there. The customer calls and says people are telling him that his Joomla Site is spamming them, and on investigation the spammer has misused the `Send Copy To Submitter` feature of Joomla. Well now identifies this setting and alerts you if its not disabled.

One of the long standing core features of Joomla is the Contact Form.

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How to hide Joomla Post Installation Messages on 1000 sites with one click – with

Ok its 22:03PM Friday night and I have one more surprise feature for you, deployed and ready for your use this weekend! Enjoy!

One of the great features about Joomla is the Post Installation Message. However when you are managing 1000s of Joomla sites, it can be tiresome to silence these message and remove the notification in your Joomla admin console – This is no longer a problem for subscribers!

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Snapshot all your sites with one click at – The Joomla and WordPress Control Panel!

Ok another Friday release – we deploy 7 days a week, and especially on a Friday, our favourite day for features to be released and deployed!

Earlier in the week we reinstated the “Backup All” sites button, this time its the “Snapshot All” button!

One of the most requested features this week was the ability to update the snapshot of all sites in one go. This is useful just before a mass update of Joomla or WordPress sites.

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Backup All Your Joomla & WP Sites Easily – With One Button in

Ok, I screwed up. I admit it and Im sorry. We recently introduced Unlimited Backup Schedules per site and in doing so introduced a logic bug that caused us to remove the “Backup All Sites” in one go feature.

Lets talk about that – tl;dr; The Backup All Sites button has returned!!! 🙂

One of the unique qualities our service has always had, is the way we develop in a very agile way – responding to emerging hack threats, security incidents – and requests from our loyal customers! This means we can quickly and seamlessly implement and deploy new features at the drop of a hat’s notice. With Zero Downtime. Same Day, sometimes many times a day!

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Unlimited Backup Schedules – powered by cron syntax

Using you can backup your site unlimited times, based on unlimited schedules, configured with powerful cron syntax

Before today we only accepted a single schedule. Either Daily, Weekly or Monthly – at a time of our liking, or at a near-custom-time you specified.

Starting today, you can now use Akeeba Backup to backup your Joomla and WordPress sites with complete granular control, unlimited times!

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