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67,000 Joomla And WordPress sites trust for their update management

Just two short months ago we were celebrating 66,000 sites, today we are pleased to celebrate 67,000!

On average, our amazing subscribers are adding 500 new Joomla or WordPress sites a month to our service, that’s 6000 sites a year! is a unique service to assist you in ensuring all your Joomla and WordPress sites are following the best practice, have backups, are monitored, and gives you a suite of unique tools to investigate under the hood of your site, checking each and every line of code in your webspace for hacks are much much more… 

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“I just want to say a personal thank you to all those that are subscribers and have been since we launched in 2012, you know who you are – your energy, suggestions and feature requests keep me on my toes daily striving to be the best service that we can possibly be.

~Phil Taylor – Founder of

Snapshot all your sites with one click at – The Joomla and WordPress Control Panel!

Ok another Friday release – we deploy 7 days a week, and especially on a Friday, our favourite day for features to be released and deployed!

Earlier in the week we reinstated the “Backup All” sites button, this time its the “Snapshot All” button!

One of the most requested features this week was the ability to update the snapshot of all sites in one go. This is useful just before a mass update of Joomla or WordPress sites.

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How to mass upgrade Joomla and WordPress sites from one dashboard

Relax! and upgrade multiple sites from one dashboard

One of the most popular reasons for being able to add multiple (unlimited!) Joomla and WordPress sites in a single dashboard, is the ability to upgrade the core Joomla and WordPress versions with the minimal of fuss – and clicks!

In this blog post we will show how quick and simple it is to upgrade unlimited sites in one go, from your account, with zero downtime and no fuss.

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The digital dashboard for agencies and freelancers – manage all sites in one place.

In today’s blog post we are going to highlight some features that allow you oversight of all your sites principle information – in a single place – the dashboard. Having this information to hand, instead of spread over disparate systems, spreadsheets, post-it-notes allows you to make decisions much faster and see at a glance what needs doing.

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How to Tag sites in

Tagging sites allows you to quickly and easily organize and control your sites in our service. already organizes your collection of sites in some of the most commonly used groupings (i.e.. Upgrades & Updates, Your Webserver Hosts, No SSL Certificate, etc.) but we know that no two web geniuses think alike, so we created the ability for you to group the sites you manage in as many groupings as you wish!

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myJoomla rebranding to logo
The logo
The new logo

As our service now supports Joomla and WordPress CMS’s, its no longer appropriate to be called “” and therefore we have changed the service name to

For a limited time and will be used to market to individual segments of the market specific to one of the platforms, but moving forward will be the new name, and home of our service.