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Reasons why Digital Agencies ❤️ our service!

Unlimited Backup Schedules – powered by cron syntax

Using you can backup your site unlimited times, based on unlimited schedules, configured with powerful cron syntax

Before today we only accepted a single schedule. Either Daily, Weekly or Monthly – at a time of our liking, or at a near-custom-time you specified.

Starting today, you can now use Akeeba Backup to backup your Joomla and WordPress sites with complete granular control, unlimited times!

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COVID-19 Statement

We know you are overloaded with information right now so let me make this quick.

We Are Operating As Normal! Business As Usual, Zero Disturbance!

While we are operating as normal, we do understand that others are having a tough time right now. If you are a subscriber and need help just let me know, we need to pay our bills too, but if we can help in any way we will.

New features being released daily, bigger ones being announced and something exciting and new just around the corner. Stay safe out there.

Site Management is about MORE than just Upgrades, Backups and Uptime Monitoring

We have heard it time and time again. “Managed site hosting”, “managed server hosting”, “managed updates”… there is so much more than just Updates, backups and Monitoring needed to run a successful agency full of sites!

Here at, we have tens of thousands of Joomla and WordPress sites, and over a decade of experience within the Joomla project, delivering architectures for large companies, small companies and digital agencies.

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myJoomla rebranding to logo
The logo
The new logo

As our service now supports Joomla and WordPress CMS’s, its no longer appropriate to be called “” and therefore we have changed the service name to

For a limited time and will be used to market to individual segments of the market specific to one of the platforms, but moving forward will be the new name, and home of our service.

Tip: How to anonymize data before taking a screenshot of your account

We love that people want to share screenshots of our award-winning tool set for Joomla and WordPress sites, but doing so reveals live site names, or customer names, and we, and you, might not like those immortalized in images – so we have created a quick, easy, and fun way to anonymize data as its rendered on the screen in your account

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